Slots – The King of Slots

Meet the online slot phenomenon “Elvis Slot”, a new concept in online gaming that’s essentially three slot machines in one! As you correctly guessed, this slot game is themed around the King of Rock – Elvis Presley and it offers one of the best paying combinations out there. Because this game offers the chance to play up to three sets of reels at the same time, there are amazing chances of boosting your bankroll and a lot of winning combination’s pg slot เว็บตรง.
This mind-blowing 60 pay-line slot machine will have your winnings doubled and quadrupled thanks to the second and third reels respectively. With every win on the reels, you will move up the levels and multiply your stake as much as four times the original bet. If you land three Wild Bonus symbols on the reels then you’ll also move up the Free Ride for an additional chance to boost your winnings.
Free Ride Feature
The Free Ride feature will grant you a chance to play the Multi-Strike round and it is activated with just about any combination of three Photo or Wild Bonus symbols. You will start by playing the first 20 pay-lines and start moving to the next level and accumulate an additional win, and best of all, you get to keep any bonuses that you accumulate as you move up to the next 20 pay-lines.
Scatter Awards Symbol
This slot game also offers a chance to triple your stake with the Scatter Award bonus symbol. Whenever you get a combination of any four Wild Bonus and/or Photo symbols on the reels, your winnings are multiplied and the symbols can be in any position on the reels – simple!
Rockin’ Re-spin Feature
The Rockin’ Re-spin feature is activated when you get two Photo Memories symbols in any position of the first two reels. At this point you will begin to ‘lock-in’ the reels to move up to the next level. When a reel shows the Wild Rockin’ Re-spin symbol it will get ‘locked-in’ and the reels will spin again to get a Free Ride to the next level.
The Fan-O-Meter is another great bonus feature that will not only boost your bankroll but also provide you with great entertainment. This bonus round is activated when you land three Fan-O-Meter symbols on a pay-line. Select which of the five songs shown on the television you’d like the King to perform and enjoy the show. The crowd will be to cheer as the King sings for you, the more the crowd cheers the higher the prize you’ll get and if the crowd pegs the meter, you will be granted another song for an additional prize.
Photo Memories
The Photo Memories bonus feature gives you the chance to collect additional bonuses whenever the spinning arrow points at one of the King’s photos on the record disc. Add as many bonuses as possible to your original win before the Collect symbol comes up, you’ll need to line up two Photo Memories and three Wild Rockin’ Respin symbols on the reels to achieve this.
The Elvis Slot game is truly one of a kind. It is as entertaining as it is rewarding and it’s one of the few slot machines out there that offers 60 pay-lines with so many different winning combination’s and a concert show from the legendary rock performer, the King of Rock.

How to Have Fun With Online Bingo?

In years past, no youngster would have been caught dead playing bingo. It was considered a game for the elderly for after all; no one could fancy any fun coming out of juggling numbers on cards. Enter the online bingo game and the fan base for this game increased. Even the influx of players that the local bingo halls are getting is as a result of internet bingo. Every person who thinks that he is cool plays internet bingo today without limits. It has suddenly become a famous game, almost overnight สล็อตpg ออนไลน์.
When you go to play online bingo, do not only focus on the prize or the jackpot. That might turn you into a greedy player and may limit how much fun you enjoy. The secret is to play online bingo basically for the purpose that it was originally intended for, and that is fun, and then some more. Bingo is a very entertaining game and it is also a game that will keep you on tiptoe in anticipation of the next read out. While playing online does not include your having to tick the numbers, you can be sure that you will hardly be able to wait for the computer to dole out the ticked numbered cards. As the computer displays the preselected numbers, you will find yourself near frenzy with excitement.
The happiest online bingo players are those who approach this game with one mind, with the aim of having maximum fun and entertainment. Rather than having all your attention on the prize, why not have the good fun out of the game at hand and then if lady luck smiles at you, you can as well take home some cash.